Nature refined into one of the worlds most advanced and innovative flooring products available.

‘Cork has unique and incomparable qualities which no ingenious human has yet copied or improved’

Cork is a fascinating product and 100% natural. Cork is the actual bark from off the Cork Oak tree, many of which live for over 300 years with the majority of all forests positioned in Portugal. Every 9 years it’s carefully removed from the trunk by hand without ever damaging the tree. Every year the bark grows creating a renewable and sustainable resource, making cork an ideal product in terms of the ever increasing demand for conservation of natural resources.

Amorim Group in Portugal is the world’s largest producer of cork solutions and the most international of Portuguese companies leading the whole sector.  It understands and promotes the endless potential of cork unlike any other. Cork stoppers, which have always been its core business, receive a large part of its investment into the research and development of solutions and premium products. Constantly challenged to raise the profile of cork, it also stands out in the fields of construction, transport and aeronautics, thus demonstrating a knowledge which is unmatched in regard to the extent and diversity of the cork industry. Wicanders is the recognized  brand for many of Amorim’s flooring products, and Quantum is firmly committed to the success and growth of Wicanders amd Amorim products here in New Zealand.


Every plank of Amorim WISE is built on the same strong belief. A belief that flooring should be more than a collection of features. Above all, flooring should be sustainable, good for your health, providing you the in best comfort whilst positively impacting the future of the planet.

Amorim WISE is a sustainable, non PVC solution which is 100% waterproof, making it the ideal choice for any indoor space.


Hydrocork is a low thickness LVT solution, which is 100% waterproof which means that it can be used in all areas including bathrooms and kitchens. It’s easy and fast to install floor due to its revolutionary PressFit  compression system that functions like a cork stopper. 



Dekwall offers unique textures and shapes that appeal to our senses and capture the cosy essence of nature. 

Dekwall wall coverings are made of two cork layers – the thicker layer is made with agglomerated cork and is used as backing, providing superior comfort, noise reduction and warmth. On top of it you will find a decorative veneer, a thin sheet of cork, created by combining various shapes of natural cork, achieving visuals full of personality. 

For increased protection, the visual is coated with a protective finishing. 


The Acousticork underlayments range can be the solution to insulate new builds, refurbishments and bespoke architectural projects including residential, commercial and educational settings.

100% produced from recycled and natural materials, Acousticork underlayments are totally sustainable solutions that are compatible with underfloor heating systems, suited for leveling out localized uneven areas, able to withstand repeated loads of short duration, resistant with very heavy loads, protecting floors from the damages on the click-system joints, promoting long term resilience and enhancing warmth, and offering comfort and sound properties.


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