About Axiom

Axiom is a unique collaboration of advanced acoustic technology and a popular mix of flooring solutions for today’s work, living and learning spaces. With some of the highest quality surface treatments in acoustic performance, coupled with innovative and creative design,  Axiom offers new possibilities in interior performance and design for architects and designers here in New Zealand. Axiom has formed an integral component of the Quantum strategy and continues innovate and offer solutions through its national sales efforts with a focused and motivated team. We look forward to connecting and working with you on your next project.

Carpet Tiles

carpet tiles offering superior acoustic performance.

Acoustic Full Panels


Fracture Panels




Timber Effect panels

Mobile Screens

acoustic screens for home office


Printed & custom acoustic panels

Acoufelt Art Collection

acoustic art

About Acoufelt

Fundamentally, a room is a box. Noise made inside the box reflects and reverberates off every hard surface. This reflected sound adds to the source of the noise, and amplifies it as the noise bounces around the room. In this way, a room is like a resonance chamber or the sound box on a guitar.

Making Quiet™ is all about inhibiting sound from being reflected. Instead, this sound can be absorbed. The emphasis here is that every surface that contributes to the problem can also be harnessed to help solve the problem.

Acoufelt has a simple philosophy that is as brilliant in its simplicity as it is effective. We call it the Acoustic FWC™ philosophy and it drives innovative Acoustic FWC™ solutions from Acoufelt. The Acoustic FWC™ philosophy looks at every surface as an opportunity for noise minimisation.

About Floorsure

Floorsure is a house brand, covering collections of popular and tonal high quality carpet tiles designed for everyday spaces where quality meets value. Floorsure is a collaboration with one of Japans leading carpet manufacturers, and every focus has been channeled to ensure consistency in quality, design and supply is reaching new levels in performance in todays busy work and learning environments.

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